Attacker State – ADDON


Please note that this is an Addon for Yanfly Lunatic States. It will NOT work without it.

This Addon allows your states to inflict an enemy with a state when they attack you.


Place this script into Yanfly Lunatic States above the part where it says “Stop editting past this point”:


I advise you to NOT COPY my header. It will unnecessarily bloat your script!

Use the given notetags in a state’s notebox.


Get it at my Dropbox


2 thoughts on “Attacker State – ADDON

  1. Is there a way to modify this snippet so that the effect only applies if the attack is a physical attack? I have a skill where a character lays poison traps around the party, and anyone stepping in for a physical attack is likely to get poisoned. Obviously, mages and ranged attackers won’t be affected by this.


    1. Ranged attacks are physical attacks as well, so the snippet won’t work the way you want if I just add a physical/magical option in. I would additionally need to add a weapon type check to the code. I will look into it once I’m back from vacation.


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