Global State Rates


This script will enable you to tag each state with a tag that you can freely come up with. After that you can make actors or enemies more susceptible/resistent towards any state that’s tagged with x. For example: You could have the famous Final Fantasy Item “Ribbon” which will protect the wearer from receiving any state that’s tagged with “negative” or shorter “neg”. This is mostly for your convience. You could of course go through the features tab and set the resistance manually for each state in your game but in very state-heavy games (like mine) this would become a liability.


Have a look at these notetags and their explanations.



None this time.

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State Compendium


This script will allow your players to look up what a state exactly does and for how many turns it remains. It requires you to write descriptions for your states, so that the player can understand the states better. Especially useful if you have some complicated states.

Please note: I HIGHLY recommend you to get YEA – Core Engine and a Word Wrap Script or otherwise there WILL be problems with elements not fitting into the window and cut off texts.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully! It isn’t a difficult script but it requires your attention.


You can use one of these notetags in a state’s notebox to write a comment for it.

<state_comment: x>
<comment: x>
<sc: x>

x being the sentences you want to write down


Remember that there are settings in the script.



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Heal individually and by stat – ADDON


Please note that this is an Addon for Yanfly Lunatic Damage. It will NOT work without it.

This Addon allows your skills to heal a specific target type in your party independently from others. For that it takes one of the user’s stats. You can specify which. (example: A healing skill will use the user’s AGI to calculate the healing. The user will heal 20% of the value, the actual target will heal, let’s say, 30% and battlers which are actually unaffected by the skill’s scope will heal 60%.) It sounds rather vague, but after trying it out you’ll see what it does.


Place this script into Yanfly Lunatic States above the part where it says “Stop editting past this point”:


I advise you to NOT COPY my header. It will unnecessarily bloat your script!

Use the given notetags in a state’s notebox.


Get it at my Dropbox