Heal individually and by stat – ADDON


Please note that this is an Addon for Yanfly Lunatic Damage. It will NOT work without it.

This Addon allows your skills to heal a specific target type in your party independently from others. For that it takes one of the user’s stats. You can specify which. (example: A healing skill will use the user’s AGI to calculate the healing. The user will heal 20% of the value, the actual target will heal, let’s say, 30% and battlers which are actually unaffected by the skill’s scope will heal 60%.) It sounds rather vague, but after trying it out you’ll see what it does.


Place this script into Yanfly Lunatic States above the part where it says “Stop editting past this point”:


I advise you to NOT COPY my header. It will unnecessarily bloat your script!

Use the given notetags in a state’s notebox.


Get it at my Dropbox


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