Erase tagged States – AddOn


This script is an AddOn to my Global State Rates script. It will allow your items and skills to remove all states with a specific tag. For example you could make a skill remove all states that are tagged with “negative”.


Have a look at the notetag and its explanation.



None this time.

Get it at my Dropbox


3 thoughts on “Erase tagged States – AddOn

  1. This is really handy, I’ve been looking for something like this! However, is it possible to have it *also* remove one random state that is tagged with the corresponding name? For example, like how in MMOs, there’s some type of spell called “Purify”, “Cleanse” or such that removes one random “negative” state from the target.

    What would be even cooler however, if you could also have a chance to remove multiple tagged states at once with a percentage. (EX: , remt Y: 2, 80%>, 50% chance to remove 4 states tagged as X, 80% chance to remove states tagged as Y.) This way, you could have a ‘Healing Touch’ spell that has a guaranteed chance to remove 1 ‘Crippled’ state but also a 50% chance to remove 4 additional ‘Common’ states and an 80% chance to remove 2 states tagged as ‘Sickness’. Not really a request per say, but more-so a suggestion.

    One last question, are you going to port your scripts over to MV when it is released?


    1. I can look into your request but I can’t promise anything at this time because I’m pretty busy these days.

      I certainly want to release plugins for RPG Maker MV but I haven’t yet thought about porting my RPG Maker VX Ace Scripts over. At some point I’ll most likely port them over, though.


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