Alistair Plugins: State Compendium


Ever wanted to know how much HP will be lost per turn while affected with poison? Ever wanted to know how much a blind state drops your hit rate? With this plugin you can have your players be able to view all the states in your game.



You will have to write a description for each state that you want to display. Otherwise this plugin would be pointless. You can do this with this notetag:

<sc_comment: x>

Where x are the sentences you want to display. You can use text codes like \c[x].

After you are done with writing descriptions have a look at the plugin’s settings. Then you can finally have the compendium appear in your game by using this script call:




Exclude States: These states won’t be displayed at any given time.

Visible Lines: The amount of states that will be displayed at once.

Turn Singular: The singular word for a turn.

Turn Plural: The plural word for more than one turn.

To: The word for to. Some people may want to use a character like – instead.

Command Window Y: The Y position of the command window. The description box should adjust accordingly.


Encounter Discovery: States will only appear in the list if they have been encountered in battle at least once. Default: false



Get it at my Dropbox


Alistair Plugins: Cat Nip


Here is the remake of my Cat Nip script. Cat Nip is an accessory in Final Fantasy X-2 that raises the wearer’s damage to a very high value when their HP reach a critical value. Alternatively the damage increase can be percental as well.


After installing the plugin, you may use this notetag in the noteboxes of Weapons, Armours, States and Enemies:


Once Cat Nip is active, each attack will deal x damage. Use a negative value for healing.

Example: <catnip:1000>. Each attack will deal 1000 damage once the battler’s HP reach a critical level.



Once Cat Nip is active, each attack will deal x% additional damage.

Example: <catnip_percental:100>.

100 damage will deal +100% damage = 200 damage.



Alters the Critical HP level by x. Using +x will raise the level which triggers critical HP. Using -x will lower it. x will be added to the default value that’s defined in the plugin settings.

Example: <catnip_HP_critical:10> and default critical level = 0.25.

The final critical level would be 0.25 + (10 / 100) = 0.35 = 35% of HP.

Example: <catnip_HP_critical:-10> and default critical level = 0.25.

The final critical level would be 0.25 + (-10 / 100) = 0.15 = 15% of HP.



Use this notetag if you want to bypass the fixed addition and only want to

have the percental value added to the damage.




Cat Nip Damage: This is the default damage value that will be used when Cat Nip triggers. Default: 9999

Critical HP: HP will be considered critical once they reach this percentage of MaxHP. 1 = 100%; 0.5 = 50%; 0.1 = 10%; … Default: 0.25




Get it at my Dropbox