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On the request page you can request Eval Collection (and only those, not plugins!) code snippets that I haven’t done yet.


Eval Collection: Devour

I have no idea if there’s an easier way to achieve the effect that this particular eval collection snippet wants to achieve. If there is, feel free to share it with me. Otherwise stick to my instructions.

Everytime an ally with the devouring touch deals damage, a portion of that damage will be added to his ATK and MAT. Of course you’re not limited to these params. You can increase/decrease whichever you want.

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Eval Collection: Share the Pain!


♦ YEP_SkillCore.js

There are two ways I use this snippet.

  1. I have a skill called “Share the Pain!”. You can only target allies with it. The targeted ally will take 15% of their max. HP as damage but all enemies will simultaneously receive the same amount of damage as well.




  1. “Freezing Touch” will deal damage to one enemy first, then go on and deal a portion of the damage (30% in my case) to all enemies.


This is the code snippet:

<Post-Damage Eval>
for (var i = 0; i < $gameTroop._enemies.length; i++) {
var enemy = $gameTroop._enemies[i];
if (enemy._hp <= 0) { continue };
if (enemy === target) { continue };
if (enemy._hp <= 0) {
</Post-Damage Eval>

Line 5 is optional. If you decide to keep it, the target will not be damaged twice (First by the skill, second by this code snippet). If you delete it, the target will be hit twice.

Line 6 needs adjusting!  The default is “value” which returns the same damage as in the damage box. If you want something else there, just exchange value for an actual number or make modifications like “value * 0.5” (= 50% of value).