Eval Collection: Unstable Anomaly

Unstable Anomaly is a passive skill from Diablo 3 that’s supposed to save you every 60 seconds when you receive lethal damage. If you do receive fatal damage, the damage for that particular attack will be set to 0 and you’ll receive a shield for 5 turns that is able to absorb 400% of maximum HP.


♦ YEP_BuffsStatesCore.js

♦ YEP_AbsorptionBarrier.js


In the picture above Jeff would have taken 3.000 HP damage. Instead, unstable anomaly kicked in and reduced the damage to 0. Afterwards Jeff gained a shield equal to 400% of his max. HP.

Use this notetag in the state’s notebox:

<Custom Battle Effect>
user._unstableAnomaly = 0
</Custom Battle Effect>

<Custom React Effect>
if (target._unstableAnomaly < 1 && value > target.hp) {
target._unstableAnomaly = 1;
value = 0;
target.gainBarrier(target.mhp * 4, 5);
</Custom React Effect>

Line 9 needs adjusting! This is the amount of barrier points the actor will gain. In my case it’s “target.mhp *4” which means 400% of maximum HP. The second number (in my case 5) determines for how many turns the barrier will remain.

Line 10 is optional! If you keep it, an animation will be played. In my cse it’s animation 37.


Please note: The original passive ability from Diablo 3 refreshes every 60 seconds (my version currently only kicks in once per battle) and stuns all enemies (my version doesn’t). I plan to expand this passive state in the future. I’ll let you know.
















2 thoughts on “Eval Collection: Unstable Anomaly

    1. text = target.name() + ' unleashed an Anomaly!'
      var window = SceneManager._scene._logWindow;

      Add this at the end of the code. Change text to whatever you desire.


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