Alistair Plugins: Encounter Control


This plugin allows you to control the encounter formula and other things about the encounter rate.


After installing the plugin you may use this notetag for Actors, Classes, Weapons, Armours and States:

<Encounter Rate: +x%>
<Encounter Rate: -x%>

Will increase or decrease the total rate by flat x%.


<Encounter Rate: x%>

Will multiply the current rate with x%.

Don’t forget to review the help file!




— General —

Encounter Formula: This is the formula for calculating the amount of steps the party has to walk in order to encounter a battle. Default: Math.randomInt(n) + Math.randomInt(n) + FreeSteps
(You may have noticed that I already changed the formula, lol)


Minimum Free Steps: This is the amount of steps the party can walk without encountering enemies.

Maximum Rate: The maximum encounter rate. Default: 10
(10 equals 1000%, 5 equals 500%, 1 equals 100%, …)

Minimum Rate: The minimum encounter rate: Default: 0
(0 means 0% which basically means that there won’t be any encounters anymore. I recommend not using negative value. That may lead to unexpected behaviour and/or break something…!)

Bush Multiplier: The current encounter rate will be multiplied with this number when you walk in a bush. Default: 2
(This is no new mechanic. The game does this by default but there was no way to change the multiplier in the database.)

Ship Multiplier: Walking while you are on board of a ship will multiply the encounter rate with this number. Default: 0.5

— Region Settings —

Triple Encounter Region: Walking on this region will triple encounter rate. Default: -1

Double Encounter Region: Walking on this region will double encounter rate. Default: -1

Half Encounter Region: Walking on this region will halve encounter rate. Default: -1

No Encounter Region: There won’t be any encounters while you walk on this region. Default: -1


Get it at my Dropbox












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