Eval Collection: Broken Promises


Broken Promises is a legendary Ring from Diablo 3. Its unique ability will ensure that your hero strikes a critical hit after 5 consecutive non-critical hits. Here’s how to recreate this effect in RPG Maker MV.


♦ YEP_BuffsStatesCore.js

♦ YEP_AutoPassiveStates.js

First we’ll have to create the Ring. I called it Broken Promises, just as the original one. Insert this into the Ring’s notebox:

<Passive State: x>

Where x is the number of your Broken Promises State.

Speaking of which: We need to create said state. Put this into the state’s notebox:

<Custom Establish Effect>
user._brokenPromises = user._brokenPromises || 0;
if (target.result().critical) {
user._brokenPromises = 0;
} else if (!user.isStateAffected(x)) {
user._brokenPromises += 1;
if (user._brokenPromises >= 5) {
user._brokenPromises = 0;
</Custom Establish Effect>

Line 8 may need adjusting! If for some reason you feel like 5 consecutive hits is too few/many you can adjust it here.

You may notice in Line 9 & 5 it says “user.addState(x)” and “!user.isStateAffected(x)”. You will need to create another state to take the x’s place: Create this new state. I simply called it “100% Crit” gave it no icon so that it’s invisible. Replace the x in Line 9 with this state’s ID.

What this does, is that every time the Broken Promises counter reaches 5, the 100% Crit state will be applied to the user, which will ensure that the user scores a critical hit with his next attack.

We need another Notetag for our 100% Crit state though. Right now, it just stays forever. But we want it to stay until the user attacks a target. Use this notetag:

<Custom Establish Effect>
</Custom Establish Effect>

Line 2 needs adjusting! Replace x with the ID of your 100% Crit state.


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