Eval Collection: Catalyst of Aeons


Catalyst of Aeons is a League of Legends item that restores the owners MP after taking a hit and restores HP on MP expenditure.


♦ YEP_BuffsStatesCore.js

♦ YEP_AutoPassiveStates.js


  1. Create the Catalyst of Aeons in your database. The original one additionally provides 225 Health and 300 Mana.
  2. Use the <Passive State: x> in its notebox. You will need to replace the x with the ID of the passive state that we are going to create in a moment.
  3. Create a new state. I called mine Catalyst of Aeons and gave it no icon, so that it doesn’t display in combat.
  4. Use this notetag in the state’s notebox:

<Custom Respond Effect>
// Only go on if incoming attack deals damage.
if (value > 0) {
// The amount of MP restored. Default is 15% (=0.15) of damage value.
var mpHeal = Math.ceil(value * 0.15);
// Target gains MP
// Show Popup
</Custom Respond Effect>

<Custom Conclude Effect>
// Only go on if the used skill has MP Costs
if (this.item().mpCost > 0) {
var item = this.item()
// The amount of HP healed. Default is 20% (=0.2) of MP Cost.
var hpHeal = Math.floor(0.2 * item.mpCost);
// Limit the amount of HP healed.
hpHeal = Math.min(15, hpHeal);
if (hpHeal > 0) {
// User gains HP
// Show Popup
</Custom Conclude Effect>

You can alter the amount of MP restored in Line 5.
You can alter the amount of HP restored in Line 19.

The original Catalyst of Aeons has the property to limit the HP healed to 15. If you don’t want this property, delete Line 21. If you want an other limit than 15, just alter the line to fit your needs.


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