Plugin Update & Little Preview 2

The Stat Distribution plugin has been updated: You can now decide whether or not you want the game to show a message stating how many Distribution Points have been earned when an actor levels up. You can now cap the parameter values to prevent the player from pumping all his points into one parameter.

AP_StatDistribution V1.02

I’m currently working on an addon for the Stat Distribution plugin. It will allow your actors to learn “abilities”. These abilities have no effect by default but you can use them in functions or damage formulas just like the default parameters (e.g. ATK or MAT). Or you could make the player need x points in ability y in order to open a chest, or jump across a chasm or something like that.



Alistair Plugins: Stat Distribution


So here’s my take on a Stat Distribution plugin.

This plugin allows your heroes to gain Distribution Points upon levelling up. These points can be spent to increase the parameters of your actors (for example to increase HP).

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Plugin Updates & Little Preview

I updated some Plugins! Most notetags have changed slightly, be sure to check them out.

AP_GoldItemRate V1.01
– Updated Notetags and added multiplicative versions

AP_StateCompendium V1.01
– Added several new parameters

AP_EncounterControl V1.02
– Updated Notetags and added multiplicative alterations

AP_ZombieVampiricState V1.03
– Updated Notetags

AP_ManaShield V1.09
– Updated Notetags

The plugin I’m currently working on:


I made the very same plugin for RPG VX Ace but I never released it. I even made an addon for it ☺. I’ll hopefully have it finished soon!


Alistair Plugins: Gold/Drop Rate


The editor by default only allows for “Double Gold” and “Double Item Drop Rates”. This feels limiting and frankly it is. With this plugin you can have exact rates for Gold and Item Drops. Additionally you can define your own Gold rate and drop rate formulas!

In the Plugin Manager, be sure to place it BELOW all of Yanfly’s Plugins or otherwise it may not work!


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