Plugin Update & Little Preview 2

The Stat Distribution plugin has been updated: You can now decide whether or not you want the game to show a message stating how many Distribution Points have been earned when an actor levels up. You can now cap the parameter values to prevent the player from pumping all his points into one parameter.

AP_StatDistribution V1.02

I’m currently working on an addon for the Stat Distribution plugin. It will allow your actors to learn “abilities”. These abilities have no effect by default but you can use them in functions or damage formulas just like the default parameters (e.g. ATK or MAT). Or you could make the player need x points in ability y in order to open a chest, or jump across a chasm or something like that.



4 thoughts on “Plugin Update & Little Preview 2

  1. Will we be able to set different “abilites” for each character/class with this addon? Maybe a rogue has swiftness but a mage has knowledge instead.

    Nice work as always!

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    1. The abilities are not defined in the plugin parameters. Instead you use script commands (like $ to add a specific ability to a specific actor.


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