Plugin Update & Little Preview 3

The Stat Distribution Plugin has been updated. The parameter gauges should not be cut off anymore if the gauge height is the default one. Additionally you can now use text codes (e.g. \c[2])* for most of the messages in the plugin!

AP – Stat Distribution V1.05

* = I don’t know why it is like this but if you want to use codes make sure to use two slashes (e.g \\c[2]). The first one gets eaten by the code for some reason. I haven’t had time to investigate this so for now please stick to using two slashes.

On top of that, remember that text codes are text as well. So don’t forget to use quotes (“”). To make things a bit easier to understand, here is an example of me turning the whole text blue and enlarging the text size:

“\\c[1]\\{” + actor + ” gained ” + points + “!”

Edit: Tiny update for the State Compendium Plugin: It should no longer crash when used in conjunction with the Stat Distribution Plugin.

AP – State Compendium V1.02a

Should be finished very soon 🙂 !



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