Eval Collection: Bloodthirst (Diablo 3)


Bloodthirst is a passive ability from Diablo 3. It makes skills that use “Fury” restore Health and increases the amount of health restored based on the character’s healing bonus.

For RPG Maker MV, MP or TP will serve as Fury and our character’s healing bonus will be his Recovery Rate.


♦ YEP_BuffsStatesCore.js

♦ YEP_AutoPassiveStates.js

  1. First, create your Bloodlust passive state.
  2. In its notebox, paste this:

<Custom Turn Start Effect>
user._APprocBT = 0;
</Custom Turn Start Effect>

<Custom Confirm Effect>
user._APprocBT = user._APprocBT || 0;
if (user._APprocBT < 1) {
user._APprocBT = 1;
var item = this.item();
// Retrieve used MP and TP
var mpUsed = item.mpCost;
var tpUsed = item.tpCost;
// For each point of MP used restore x HP
var mpHeal = 5;
// For each point of TP used restore x HP
var tpHeal = 10;
// For each % excess Recovery Rate increase healing by this percentage
var bonusHeal = 1;
// Calculate bonus Heal Rate
var healRate = 1.0 + ((user.rec - 1.0) * bonusHeal);
// Calculate final heal
var heal = ((mpUsed * mpHeal) + (tpUsed * tpHeal)) * healRate;
// Heal user
</Custom Confirm Effect>

3. Use the <Passive State: x> notetag (replace x with the state id) to give this state to an actor.


Lines 14, 16 and 18 may be worth looking at.



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