Plugin Updates 4 /Edit

The State Compendium Plugin now contains a new plugin parameter called “Encounter Discovery”. Turning it on will make states only appear in the list if they have been encountered in battle before. I fixed a bug where the State Compendium would have the same menu command name as the Stat Distribution Plugin when not using Yanfly’s Menu Manager.

The Ability Distribution Addon Plugin now has a new script command called $gameParty.partyAbilityLevel("ability", level) . It’s best used in a conditional branch since it returns true or false. It returns true if the level of “ability” of any actor in the party is equal to or bigger than “level”. Additionally, I fixed some documentation errors that could be a little misleading.

AP – State Compendium V1.03
[AddOn] AP – Ability Distribution V1.0a


The Blocking Plugin gets a bugfix: Block Reduction cannot exceed 100% anymore.

AP – Blocking V1.01a


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