Eval Collection: Aegis Protection (League of Legends)


Aegis Protection is a League of Legends passive used by Pantheon. Pantheon gains a damage absorbing block after using 4 attacks or skills.


♦ YEP_BuffsStatesCore.js

♦ YEP_AutoPassiveStates.js

♦ AP_Blocking.js

  1. You will need two states. The first one is the Passive State given to an actor and the second one is the one that will increase the block rate once 4 stacks have been gathered.
  2. Use <Passive State: x> (replace x with the state id) to give the passive state to an actor.
  3. In the passive state’s notebox, insert this:

<Custom Establish Effect>
// Initialize the variable
if (user._aegisProtection === undefined) {
user._aegisProtection = 0;
// Increase the variable if it's below 4 stacks
if (user._aegisProtection < 4) {
// Add the Block Passive if there are 4 stacks or more
if (user._aegisProtection >= 4) {
</Custom Establish Effect>

Make sure to read the comments to understand what’s happening. If you feel like 4 stacks are too many or too few you can just change those fours to any other number.

Notice the user.addState(131) near the end. Replace 131 with your second state (the other one you created, not the passive state!).

4. In your second state’s notebox (the one that’ll be added once you have 4 stacks) insert this:

// These are notetags from my AP-Blocking
// Plugin. They will increase block rates and
// damage reduction. You may wanna change
// these percentages depending on how you
// want your Aegis Protection state to be.

<Physical Block Rate: +100%>
<Magical Block Rate: +100%>
<Certain Block Rate: +100%>
<Block Reduction: +100%>

<Custom React Effect>
// Remove this state once it blocks an attack. Make sure to replace 131 with this state's ID!
if (value >= 0) {
</Custom React Effect>

<Custom Remove Effect>
// Reset stacks once the state wears off
user._aegisProtection = 0;
</Custom Remove Effect>

Make sure to replace the 131 here with the state’s ID.



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