Eval Collection: Recover Magic (Runes of Magic)


Recover Magic is a mage skill from Runes of Magic. When used, the caster has a chance to regain MP whenever he expends MP for the next few turns.

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Plugin Updates 5

Ability Distribution: Now contains a new notetag <Ability x: +-y> which allows equipment and states to alter the level of ability x. Please note that you mustn’t use quotes when replacing x with the ability name.

Example notetag: <Ability Fishing: +2>. This notetag will increase the ability level of Fishing by 2.

Fixed a crash when trying to use the abilityLevel function on a not yet learned ability.

Blocking: The Blocking plugin now contains some new notetags and a new plugin parameter for Flat Damage Reduction. Flat Damage Reduction will always take place AFTER percentage block reduction.

AP – Ability Distribution V1.01a
AP – Blocking V1.02