Eval Collection: Monsoon (League of Legends)


Monsoon is the ultimate ability of Janna from League of Legends. When used, Janna starts channeling soothing winds that heal all party members in the area for the duration of the channel.


♦ YEP_BuffsStatesCore.js


♦ YEP_X_VisualStateFX.js

  1. First you’ll want to create the Monsoon skill in your skill tab. Make sure to use “User” as the target.
  2. Create a new state. I called mine “Monsoon Channel”. This state will serve as the channel part of the ability. Use the “Cannot move” restriction. Tick “Remove at Battle End”. Set the duration to how many turns you want the channeling to happen. I set mine to 4: I’m using the Default Battle System and after casting the ability one turn gets deducted on turn end so I had to increase the duration to 4 in order to achieve a channel duration of 3 turns. This may not be necessary when using other Battle Systems. I haven’t tried.
  3. Go to your Monsoon skill and make it add the “Monsoon Channel” state to the user.
  4. Go to your state’s notebox and paste the following code:

// I added this to make it look like the hero is actually "channeling"
// the ability.
// You can delete this if you don't want the same effect.

<State Motion: Chant>

<Custom Turn Start Effect>
// The amount of HP that is restored to all heroes EACH channel turn.
var heal = 200 + user.mat * 0.5;
// Looping through the members.
for (var i = 0; i < $gameParty.battleMembers().length; i++) {
var actor = $gameParty.battleMembers()[i];
// Won't resurrect dead members.
// If you do want this effect, remove "&& actor.hp > 0".
if (actor && actor.hp > 0) {
// Actor gains HP.
// The animation to play when the healing occurs. Delete whole line if you
// don't want this.
</Custom Turn Start Effect>

Please read my comments. They will tell you all important things.


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