Plugin Updates 5

Ability Distribution: Now contains a new notetag <Ability x: +-y> which allows equipment and states to alter the level of ability x. Please note that you mustn’t use quotes when replacing x with the ability name.

Example notetag: <Ability Fishing: +2>. This notetag will increase the ability level of Fishing by 2.

Fixed a crash when trying to use the abilityLevel function on a not yet learned ability.

Blocking: The Blocking plugin now contains some new notetags and a new plugin parameter for Flat Damage Reduction. Flat Damage Reduction will always take place AFTER percentage block reduction.

AP – Ability Distribution V1.01a
AP – Blocking V1.02


9 thoughts on “Plugin Updates 5

  1. Hi, I’m getting an error with the updated ability distribution that says ‘cannot read property name of undefined’, and it points to line 679


    1. Hi,

      I had some issues here and lost these updates. I’ve rewritten them and thus the lines are different now. Maybe the second update works for you, if not please send me the new error line. Sorry for the inconvenience.


      1. TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined at Game_Actor.abilityLevel
        Line 683, Column 41

        Unfortunately I received this error 😦


      1. Using the lavra text plugin you shared with us, #{$gameParty.cay().abilityLevel(‘Fishing’);}
        returns the same ‘name’ error if your character does not have the fishing ability. Before this v1.01 update, it would display 0.


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