Eval Collection: Recover Magic (Runes of Magic)


Recover Magic is a mage skill from Runes of Magic. When used, the caster has a chance to regain MP whenever he expends MP for the next few turns.


♦ YEP_BuffsStatesCore.js


  1. First, create the Recover Magic skill. Make it add your Recover Magic state.
  2. In your Recover Magic state’s notebox add this:


<Custom Confirm Effect>
if (this.item().mpCost > 0) {

// Chance of recovering MP. Default = 25%
var chance = 0.25
// The amount of MP recovered. Default 5% MaxMP + 35.
var mpRecover = user.mmp * 0.05 + 35

if (Math.random() < chance) {
</Custom Confirm Effect>

Please read my comments. They will tell you all important things.


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