Eval Collection: Liandry’s Torment (League of Legends)

liandry_s_torment_by_erikfarias-da9s6uf(Picture Source)

Liandry’s Torment is an item from League of Legends. Spells burn enemies for 3 seconds (or turns in RPG Maker MV) dealing 2% of their current HP per second / turn. This damage is doubled against movement-impaired units. The RPG Maker MV counterpart for this will be the “Cannot move” State restriction.


♦ YEP_BuffsStatesCore.js

♦ YEP_AutoPassiveStates.js



You will need two passive states. The first will be the “Liandry’s Torment” state which will indicate that the actor has the ability to burn enemies with his spells. You can give this passive state to the Liandry’s Torment item by using <Passive State: x>.

The second state will be the actual “Burn” state.

  1. In your Burn state’s notebox use the following:

<Custom Regenerate Effect>

// The damage to deal every turn. Default is 2% of HP.

var damage = user.hp * 0.02;

// Double if the target has a movement impairment

if (!user.canMove()) {

damage *= 2;





</Custom Regenerate Effect>

In Line 5 you can change the damage done each turn.

In Line 11 you can change the multiplier for movement-impaired units.


2. In your Liandry’s Torment state’s notebox use the following:

<Custom Establish Effect>

// Skill IDs to EXCLUDE from activating Liandry's Torment

var excludeProc = [1, 2];

if (excludeProc.indexOf(this.item().id) === -1 && value > 0) {



</Custom Establish Effect>

In Line 5 you can change which skills proc the Burn of Liandry’s Torment.

In Line 9 you need to replace the x with the ID of your Burn State.


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