Eval Collection: Stored Fury


Stored Fury is a skill that has both a passive and active component. Its passive effect will store 10% of damage dealt by the actor as “charges”. Using its active effect will enhance the hero’s next attack and will cause it to deal additional damage equal to the amount of charges when the skill was activated.

First of all, I’m sorry for being absent this whole time! These days it’s very difficult for me to reconcile my job and my free time (which includes spending time with my friends and family too) and it probably isn’t going to get better the next few months since the final exams are approaching and that’s usually the time where my students become needy and time-consuming (I offer free extra lessons to my students in the afternoon). Definitely can’t blame them, though! πŸ™‚

Now onto the actual content of this post, lol!

You’ll need the following plugins ( as usual ):

♦ YEP_BuffsStatesCore.js

♦ YEP_AutoPassiveStates.js

First create your skill and place in its notebox to link the passive state that we are going to create to it.

This passive state needs to contain the following notetags:

<Custom Battle Effect>

// Resets the stacks each time a new battle starts

user._savedFury = 0;

// Sets the counter

// Replace Y with the ID of this state!

user.setStateCounter(Y, user._savedFury);

</Custom Battle Effect>

<Custom Establish Effect>

// Only generate stacks if the active portion of the skill is not in use

// Replace X with the ID of your second state (the one that's added when the skill is activated)

if (!user.isStateAffected(X)) {

// The percentage of dealt damage that will be stored

var per = 0.1;

// Calculate the amount of charges that will be generated

var val = Math.floor(value * per);

// Add the charges

user._savedFury += val;

// Update the counter

// Replace Y with the ID of this state!

user.setStateCounter(Y, user._savedFury)


</Custom Establish Effect>

Remember to replace X and Y with the respective IDs!

In the second state insert the following notetags:

<Custom Confirm Effect>

// Add the saved charges to the damage

value += user._savedFury;

// Reset charges to 0

user._savedFury = 0;

// Update the counter

// Replace X with the ID of the passive state!

user.setStateCounter(X, user._savedFury);

// Remove this state

// Replace Y with the ID of this state!


</Custom Confirm Effect>

The passive state will ensure that whoever has the skill will generate charges when dealing damage. Upon activating the skill you’ll want to add the second state we created to your actor. This will make it possible for him to use his charges to deal increased damage.


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