Little Preview #5

One of the two plugins I’m working on at the moment:


These are the descriptions for several trading related pieces of equipment.

The plugin will allow changing purchase/sale prices via equipment, states and script commands. Thus each trader can have their own prices and trading becomes a viable way for the player to earn money.

As you can see the prices can be changed for particular item types. This means that if you desire so you can only lower the prices for potions or swords or wooden weapons etc.



A heads up

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been around too much lately. I won’t be here in July so I’ll try to get as many requests as I can done until the end of this month.

To answer a few questions that I have been getting lately:

Q1 : Why have you been so inactive lately?

A1 : I was very busy with marking the final exams of my students and a lot of family related stuff kept me from being active here. Sorry about that!

Q2 : Will you no longer publish plugins?

A2 : I will still publish plugins. The reason why I haven’t published one recently is that on the one hand I had no time to write one and on the other hand I haven’t had ideas. I’m working on two plugins right now though but I’m not sure if I will release them because apparently many people dislike plugins which require them to actually deal with the plugin and not getting a Plug & Play plugin.

Q3 : Have you forgotten about my Eval Collection request?

A3 : No, I have not. I know I have been very slow lately but I’m genuinely trying. Sorry about the delay :/ ! If you feel like that it is very urgent I’d suggest posting your request in the RPG Maker Forums. I’m sure there will be people there who are able to help you out!


Plugin Updates 9

The Stat Distribution plugin got a compatibility update for the Ability Distribution plugin.

The Ability Distribution plugin finally has its own seperate Distribution points! You can choose if you want to keep sharing the points between both distribution plugins or if you want to use the new Ability distribution points instead OR if you want to use Yanfly’s Job Points!
You may now use evals with the function actor.abilitySetReqPoints which enables you to have scaling costs on abilities.

AP – Stat Distribution V1.07

AP – Ability Distribution V1.05a

Happy Holidays! (+ Plugin Updates 8)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone :)!


I don’t have a big present or anything for you guys but I did manage to spare some time to get two of the most requested features for the Stat and Ability Distribution plugins done!

The Stat Distribution Plugin now contains new notetags which allow you to define custom parameter caps for each hero individually!

The Ability Distribution Plugin now creates new columns if you have a lot of abilities at once! Theoretically the plugin can create unlimited columns but keep in mind that after a certain amount of columns the texts will start to overlap.

Here’s a picture of the new columns in action:



AP – Stat Distribution V1.06

AP – Ability Distribution V1.04