Alistair Plugins: State Compendium


Ever wanted to know how much HP will be lost per turn while affected with poison? Ever wanted to know how much a blind state drops your hit rate? With this plugin you can have your players be able to view all the states in your game.



You will have to write a description for each state that you want to display. Otherwise this plugin would be pointless. You can do this with this notetag:

<sc_comment: x>

Where x are the sentences you want to display. You can use text codes like \c[x].

After you are done with writing descriptions have a look at the plugin’s settings. Then you can finally have the compendium appear in your game by using this script call:




Exclude States: These states won’t be displayed at any given time.

Visible Lines: The amount of states that will be displayed at once.

Turn Singular: The singular word for a turn.

Turn Plural: The plural word for more than one turn.

To: The word for to. Some people may want to use a character like – instead.

Command Window Y: The Y position of the command window. The description box should adjust accordingly.


Encounter Discovery: States will only appear in the list if they have been encountered in battle at least once. Default: false



Get it at my Dropbox


State Compendium


This script will allow your players to look up what a state exactly does and for how many turns it remains. It requires you to write descriptions for your states, so that the player can understand the states better. Especially useful if you have some complicated states.

Please note: I HIGHLY recommend you to get YEA – Core Engine and a Word Wrap Script or otherwise there WILL be problems with elements not fitting into the window and cut off texts.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully! It isn’t a difficult script but it requires your attention.


You can use one of these notetags in a state’s notebox to write a comment for it.

<state_comment: x>
<comment: x>
<sc: x>

x being the sentences you want to write down


Remember that there are settings in the script.



Get it at my Dropbox

Custom Prices


This script will allow you bigger control over the prices in your shops. You use two variables to dynamically change the sale and purchase values. You can even use formulas to calculate the final price.


It’s essentially Plug & Play. Just remember to set the two variables listed in the Script to a value of your liking. Leaving them at 0 in game will make all your items free.



Remember that there are settings in the script.



Get it at my Dropbox