Alistair Plugins: Trading Pack I



First of all a big sorry for the inactivity! Here’s the plugin from Preview #5.


It allows you to set purchase and sale prices way more freely and dynamically than the default Maker. You can have “tags” on your items (e.g. “wooden”, “sword”, “potion”, …) to change prices for a whole category of items at once. Also there are notetags to change prices as well as plugin commands. You can easily reset made changes with plugin commands as well. Thus it’s easy to change prices on the fly.

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Plugin Updates 7


– Added Flat Block Reduction as a possibility for Yanfly’s Status Menu Core

– Fixed rates not updating properly


Ability Distribution:

– You may now use the new function actor.setAbilityDescription(“abilityName”, “descriptionText”) to have a specific ability display a custom text in addition to the default text in the help window.

– AP – Stat Distribution Compatibility Update


Stat Distribution:

– You may now use the new function actor.setParamDescription(“paramName”, “descriptionText”) to have a specific param display a custom text in addition to the default text in the help window.



AP – Blocking V1.02a

AP – Ability Distribution V1.03

AP – Stat Distribution V1.05c

Alistair Plugins: Blocking


This plugin introduces what I call “Block Rate” and “Block Reduction”. The Block Rate determines the likeliness of blocking an incoming attack. Blocking an attack basically means negating some of the incoming damage altogether. You don’t necessarily need to equip a shield to block damage. Every actor has a block rate that is (by default) based on their DEF and AGI params. Of course you can change the formula or use notetags to change the Block Rate of a specific actor.

Everytime a block occurs the “Block Reduction” comes into play. This value determines the amount of damage that will be blocked. By default, this is a flat percentage (30%) but you can also use a formula or change the Block Reduction Percentage for each actor individually.

You can use this plugin with Yanfly’s Status Menu! If you want to add the Block Rate and Block Reduction to the Attributes List just use “PhyBlockRate”, “MagBlockRate”, “CerBlockRate” and “blockReduction”.


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