Eval Collection: Stored Fury


Stored Fury is a skill that has both a passive and active component. Its passive effect will store 10% of damage dealt by the actor as “charges”. Using its active effect will enhance the hero’s next attack and will cause it to deal additional damage equal to the amount of charges when the skill was activated.

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Plugin Updates 9

The Stat Distribution plugin got a compatibility update for the Ability Distribution plugin.

The Ability Distribution plugin finally has its own seperate Distribution points! You can choose if you want to keep sharing the points between both distribution plugins or if you want to use the new Ability distribution points instead OR if you want to use Yanfly’s Job Points!
You may now use evals with the function actor.abilitySetReqPoints which enables you to have scaling costs on abilities.

AP – Stat Distribution V1.07

AP – Ability Distribution V1.05a