RPG Maker MV – Plugin List

RPG Maker MV Plugin List

Here are all the plugins I’ve published on my blog gathered in one place. Try to stick to the order and place most of these below Yanfly’s Plugins. Special cases will have a remark, though.

Battle Plugins (6 in total)

TP Cost Rate

Mana Shield

Zombie/Vampiric State

Equipment Extra Damage

Cat Nip


Field Plugins (5+2 in total)

State Compendium

Encounter Control

Gold/Drop Rate

Stat Distribution

Trading Pack I

Eval Collection (29 in total)

Aegis Protection

Arcane Larceny

Black Shield


Broken Promises

Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band

Catalyst of Aeons

Death Mark


Destiny Bond


Endless Return

Focused Will

Force Armor

Heal all members

Liandry’s Torment

Love Tap


Pain to Gold

Recover Magic

Road to Luck

Share Damage

Share the Pain!


Silver Bolts

Stored Fury

Strength of Wood

Thorn Aura

Unstable Anomaly

And these are all plugins. Have fun!