RPG Maker VX Ace – Script List

RPG Maker VX Ace Script List

Here are all the scripts I’ve published on my blog gathered in one place. The order in which you put the scripts into your project is mostly irrelevant though you’ll be safe by sticking to the order shown here. Just make sure you put my scripts below Yanfly’s.

Battle Scripts (5+1 in total)

Cat Nip

Mana Shield

Critical Hit

Mirror Sprites

Global State Rates

Field Scripts (3 in total)

Load/Save Parties

Custom Prices

State Compendium

Lunatic Addons (9 in total)

Thorn Aura

Lose MP

Transfer Damage to Hero

Recover all

Attacker State

Holy Strike


State increases received Damage

Heal individually and by stat

And these are all scripts. Have fun!


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