Alistair Plugins: Skill Upgrade


*insert “It’s been 84 years”*

Before the introduction text please read this: I am aware that the plugin still has some issues (noted at the very end) but as most of you will have noticed I haven’t done anything RPG Maker related in a very long time. If I ever get to it, I will polish the plugin, of course.

This plugin will allow you to upgrade skills, increasing their effectiveness (e.g. Damage, Mana cost, …). It works with Yanfly’s plugins as well, which means that you can alter things like Cooldown or Life steal etc.

Usage Examples at the bottom of the page!

(By the way I’m switching to Mediafire for new plugins because Dropbox grinds my gears :] )

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Still here! Somewhere…

Yes, I’m still alive :-). Sorry for the absence, life’s just been really busy these past few months. I have no ETA on when I’ll be back to making plugins etc.

I’ll be here sporadically and try to answer the comments that have built up. Guess you can count on me being back around July/August.

Take care,


Alistair Plugins: Trading Pack I



First of all a big sorry for the inactivity! Here’s the plugin from Preview #5.


It allows you to set purchase and sale prices way more freely and dynamically than the default Maker. You can have “tags” on your items (e.g. “wooden”, “sword”, “potion”, …) to change prices for a whole category of items at once. Also there are notetags to change prices as well as plugin commands. You can easily reset made changes with plugin commands as well. Thus it’s easy to change prices on the fly.

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Little Preview #5

One of the two plugins I’m working on at the moment:


These are the descriptions for several trading related pieces of equipment.

The plugin will allow changing purchase/sale prices via equipment, states and script commands. Thus each trader can have their own prices and trading becomes a viable way for the player to earn money.

As you can see the prices can be changed for particular item types. This means that if you desire so you can only lower the prices for potions or swords or wooden weapons etc.